The Crisis of Credit: by Jonathan Jarvis

An excellent video explaining the crisis of credit. This is something that Businesses Coaches, Business Consultants and Financial Planners will find useful to educate their clients. Presented by – the Results in business Institute.

This video explains the fundamentals of the current global credit crisis as well as the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Subjects covered in this but very effective video are:


About debtcrisis
Alan Vincent provides insightful commentary on global events from a biblical perspective. He is the founder of a PropheticAlert, a prophetic spiritual discernment ministry that attempts to interpret the evolving chaos and crisis coming upon the earth, in light of Biblical revelation and prophesy. Alan's role as a Prophetic Watchman is to warn of the enormous financial Tsunami that is coming upon the earth - a tidal wave of financial crisis and anguish as the world has never seen throughout all of history.

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