The Bible clearly portrays the events that will usher in the end of the age and the return of Jesus Christ. Even casual observation of global events makes it obvious that we are seeing biblical prophecy being fulfilled in great detail.

The economic crisis is here to stay.  The target:  the middle classes of society. The new world order’s satanic agenda of controlling every man, women and child on the planet can only be achieved by destroying the middle classes.

One the hallmarks of the end of the age will be massive economic crisis. The Bible says that a piece of bread will buy a bag of gold. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. A monstrous system called ‘the mark of the beast’ will be imposed by the global ‘elite’ to force global citizens into total submission. According to the Bible, those who take the Satan‘s economic mark, will be spiritually doomed and judged by God, and those who refuse to take the mark will not be allowed to buy or sell goods. In other words, they will not be allowed to participate in the new world order economic system that will be driven by the global elite, corporatocracy, fascism, greed, corruption; all driven by demonic power.

The Bible clearly warns that the events that will unfold upon the earth will

(1) bring about the destruction of a large percentage of the world’s population and the rearth itself

(2) nations will rise up against each other

(3) there will widespread economic collapse and crisis

(4) there will be major weather events

(5) there will be cosmic disturbances and signs in the heavens

(6) Christians will be persecuted for their testimony of Jesus Christ

(7) the gospel of Christ will be preached throughout the earth

(8) the man of peace (the beast, antichrist) will appear and implement his satanic, tyrannical rule upon the earth

(9) he will be empowered with satanic power

(10) he will claim to be god and perform unbelievable signs and wonders

(11) he will seek to destroy the people of God.

(12) he will bring about a false (short-lived) peace in the Middle East (Israel), will default on the peace treaty, and enthrone himself as god in Jerusalem.

(13) many false Christ’s and false prophets will appear

(14) doctrines of demons will come into the Christian Church through false teachers who are in fact enemies of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God

(15) a false global one-world religion will be established that will syncretize all religions into the Apostate Church of Satan.

(16) Israel will increasingly become the focus of world attention and the nations of the world will eventually rise up against Israel.

(17) in general terms, there will be a time of tribulation on the earth that has never before been seen or will be in future.

The end-time events that unfold will be nothing less than Satan attempting to enthrone himself as God over the nations of the earth. Once these events unfold according the Biblical timeline, Jesus Christ will return to earth to establish the Kingdom of God upon the earth, and Satan and his demons will be bound and cast into the place prepared for all who rebel against the almighty God (Jehovah) – hell.

The end game unfolding on the earth is all about whom we will serve, Jesus or Satan. It’s time to make a decision ….

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